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The Zirconia Centre is the result of the constant striving for innovation of the A1 Dental Studio. We have significantly changed the technology of our work by introducing digitalization. The highest quality dental service and solutions require modern equipment, new technological solutions and advanced materials. This is the principle of our work. The digitalized procedure brings a new and pleasant experience, greater comfort and supreme solutions without compromise to our patients.

In our everyday work we use the intraoral Trios 3Shape digital scanner, presently the best intraoral scanner in the world. It replaces the procedure of taking dental impressions by standard techniques, using impression material and spoons, which patients find very unpleasant. The scanner produces thousands of photographs per second and generates a tridimensional image of your teeth. Thus, our work enters the digital dimension.


Scanning is performed without contact with the teeth and is absolutely painless. It is often wrongly believed that the intraoral scanner is a source of radiation, similar to medical scanners. This is absolutely not true - the intraoral scanner is completely harmless for your health and does not apply x-rays.

The precision of such a procedure is incredible. The very fact that a tooth on the screen can be magnified dozens of times implies that it is possible to analyze the tiniest details. With the tooth so magnified and prepared for a zirconia crown, precision and perfect placement of the crown is guaranteed.


After the scanning, photo and video recordings of your teeth are made. This enables us to make a detailed analysis for the Digital Smile Design. We obtain digital information on what kind of teeth you need to have a perfect smile. Our technicians use the digital CAD/CAM method in their work, which ensures extraordinary results and maximum comfort for our patients.  





Skerlićeva 30

11000 Belgrade


Tel: +381-11-2452-192

Mob: +381-65-2452-192

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